Libyan combatants flying to Belarus for rehabilitation

Three hundred fighters wounded in the revolution are being sent for treatment and rehabilitation to Belarus, the Libya Herald reports. It is unknown to which side of the conflict they belonged to.

According to the Belarusian ambassador to Libya Anatoly Stsepus, a great body of combatants was from Misrata. It has been estimated that some 1,500 wounded from all over Libya have gone to Belarus for medical care since the revolution started.

There were also Belarus’ medical teams working in Ghadames and the surrounding area and it was planned to increase their number, Mr Stsepus says. A delegation of the Libyan Health Ministry’s representatives is to visit Belarus soon aiming at boosting medical links between the two countries, he adds.

Minsk is rumoured to have provided support to the regime of Gaddafi, including arms supplies. In June, 2012 three Belarusians were charged with ten-year imprisonment for involvement in war on the dictator’s side.

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