Freedom fighters near presidential residence (photos)

Once again Warsaw became a venue for concert “Solidarity with Belarus”. It took place near the Presidential Palace on the Cracow Suburb on April 21, 2013. The show will be get aired by Belsat TV on May 1.

The concert program included Hrodna band Dzeciuki (“punks inspired by Kastus Kalinouski”), Polish band Izrael (mix of rock and reggae), Piotr “Vienio” Więcławski (hip-hop), Zygmunt “Muniek” Staszczyk, Strachy na Lachy, Liavon Volski and Krambambula.

Politicians and men of culture from Poland and Belarus were also making their speeches on the concert stage intending to tell about new developments in the situation in Belarus.

Such event is a ray of sunshine when compared with the Belarusian realities resembling novel by George Orwell “1984”, rapper Vinsent told Belsat TV. According to him, the initiative also provide an opportunity for blacklisted musicians to appear before the public.

“I know that a lot of people like Lukashenka, especially older women but it is not them who should tell you what to do. The youth should go up and take on responsibility. But not all like freedom,” Włodzimierz Kiniorski (band Izrael) told our reporter.

The concerts of solidarity have been held in Warsaw by Free Belarus campaign (Wolna Białoruś) since 2006.


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