Viva Belarus row: Belarusian envoy protesting against distribution

Belarusian Ambassador to Poland Viktar Haysionak has sent a letter to the company which is engaged the distribution of film Viva Belarus, Belsat TV found out.

There has not been any official response from the distributing company yet but it is known that Mr Haysionak’s letter will not stop the exhibition of the film in Polish cinemas. publishes its full text:

“The promotion of Krzysztof Łukaszewicz’s movie Viva Belarus being distributed by limited liability company KINO ŚWIAT is giving rise to concerns.

“The need of showing the distorted picture [of Belarusian life] to Polish viewers appears to be questionable. None of the film’s episodes has anything in common with the reality but does prove its writer’s sick imagination.

Accordingly, this brings up the question: what for should one refract a Poland-friendly country stirring up hostility towards the Poles’ closest neighbour in the East? Our nations have always lived in peace and reconciliation, but fewer than all seem to be pleased with the current state of affairs. By means of such films attempts to cause trouble between Belarusian and Poles are made.

I call on Mr Chairman to take cognisance of these notes and refrain from the film’s distributing.

Yours sincerely,

Viktar Haysionak.”


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