Witness: “It was a well-planned terroristic attack”

What happened in Boston is nothing but a terroristic attack, Dzmitry Smialianski, a guest of Belsat’s program Hot Commentary, expressed his confidence.

The eyewitness told Belsat TV that according to the latest data, one of the bombs was placed into a pressure cooker and was allegedly found in a dark bag or bagpack. The report on conceivable availability of more than two explosive devices was not confirmed. “Undoubtedly, it was a terroristic act because surgeons say they are pulling nails out of the injured. As the bomb was on the ground the casualties mainly have limb injuries,” Mr Smialianski stressed. The perpetrators also took into account the time factor – the bomb exploded when there were lots of spectators in the immediate vicinity.

According to the program’s guest, it was a well-planned terroristic attack which was carried out in the closely guarded zone, with a number of surveillance camers and hundreds of reporters.

“It looks as if everything was going on in a movie-like way. It is difficult to believe that it did happen, that there are killed and injured people. The test of time is needed so that people could realized what happened,” the witness stressed.

According to him, there are no suspects of committing the crime: student from Saudi Arabia who was a prime suspect has been already in the clear.


FBI released photos of details of self-made bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. Suchlike explosive devices are often applied by terrorists in Afghanistan.

Images show the remains of a dark backpack, a detonation device and mangled pieces of metal. The bombs were put into black bags and left on the ground.Associated Press quoted a source close to the investigation as saying that the bombs consisted of explosives placed in 1.6-gallon pressure cookers, one with shards of metal and ball bearings, the other with nails. Terrorists usually add such “fillings” to explosive device aiming at increasing death toll.

Three people were killed and 176 injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the race in Boston.



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