Makey launches initiative of web censorship in CIS countries

Belarus has put forward a proposal to combine efforts fighting against the dissent on the Internet. The draft agreement was signed by CIS foreign ministers yesterday in Uzbekistan, Charter97 reports.

According to Russian newspaper Kommersant, the document provides for both combating cyber crimes and applying joint efforts to prevent attempts of destabilisation of regimes by means of information technologies.

Foreign ministers of 11 CIS member states met yesterday in Tashkent to discuss the agenda of a meeting of CIS government heads scheduled for May 31 in Minsk, Belarus being represented by Uladzimir Makey.

A source in the CIS executive committee says the prime ministers are preparing an action programme on the basis of the concept of cooperation in combating cyber crimes. It is planned that the programme will include cooperation in combating cyber crimes (first of all in the banking sector), computer hacking and document forgery. The parties do not rule out the possibility of applying joint actions to prevent using the Internet for destabilisation of regimes. The initiative to develop this concept was proposed by Belarus.

It should be reminded that human rights activists and international organisation accuse the Belarusian authorities of Internet censorship.

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