Poland’s special service arrests man suspected of spying for Belarusian KGB

Officers of the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained a Pole who is suspected of spying for Belarusian intelligence, Łukasz Lapczyński, the spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland, said on Wednesday.

KGB HQ in Minsk. Photo: president.gov.by

The charges were brought against the man; the court ruled to arrest him for three months.

According to the agency, they started an investigation into the arrestee’s alleged cooperation with Belarusian intelligence which is contrary to Poland’s interests.

“The man detained by the Internal Security Agency is a Polish citizen. He has been accused of espionage on behalf of the Belarusian special service KGB,” Stanisław Żaryn, Spokesman for Poland’s Minister Coordinator of Special Services, said.

In the early 1980s, the man was a member of the ZOMO (Motorised Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia, paramilitary-police formations during the communist era in Poland), then worked in the police. In 2001, he retired as a border service officer.

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