Political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets visited by wife in prison

The wife of political prisoner Volha Seviaerynets wrote on Facebook that she saw her husband during a short-term visit a week ago.

“What can I say, I can’t describe with words the happiness when our relatives come home! In the meantime, Pasha is very thankful for everyone’s greetings and comments. He’s chipper, cool, and simply wonderful. He matured there, got pumped up, getting ready to the colony,” writes Volha.

Pavel Sevvuarynets also asked to convey the following words:

“Belarus today is like an apple orchard. Belarusian hearts ripen imperceptibly, like apples. And one or the other, having ripened, falls — knock-knock. But with a strong gust of wind, a whole hail falls, and the fruits cover the whole earth.”

  • On May 25th, the judge of Mahiliou regional court Iryna Lanchava sentenced Pavel Seviarynets, co-founder of Belarusian Christian Democracy, to 7 years of a medium-security prison. The trial was held behind closed doors — even his relatives were not allowed to be present at the trial. In fact, the political prisoner was punished with 7 years in jail only because he publicly called for protests and criticized Lukashenka’s regime.