Lukashenka unveils when Putin will arrive in Minsk and what weapons Russia will deliver to Belarus

Vladimir Putin’s visit to Minsk is scheduled for the CIS summit to be held on October 15th. Alyaksandr Lukashenka informed about it during the military training “Zapad 2021”, as the press service informed.

Lukashenka at the “Zapad 2021” drill. Photo: BelTA

The meeting in Minsk will discuss the specifics of cooperation and 28 roadmaps.

During the exercise, Lukashenka also said that during the talks in the Kremlin, they also discussed defense and security issues, including, among other things, the prospects of supplying S-400 complexes to Belarus.

“He (Putin) told me about more modern complexes S-500, which can work against ballistic missiles,” Lukashenka said, reports the press service. “It’s a very effective complex. I also reminded him about S-400, told him where we wanted to install these systems. Thank God, now our perimeter in the west is completely covered by the S-300 complexes. But, as you know, we have added the southern direction as well. We have been discussing this issue with the Belarusian generals and the Russians. They are starting to “warm” us up from the south. And there’s more to follow… We have to get ready — we have 1,200 kilometers of border with Ukraine.”

By 2025, Belarus will also receive other weapons.

“It’s about a dozen aircraft, some of them have already come to us, it’s several dozen helicopters, Tor-M2. Large volumes. It says that both the Russian Federation and we take this western direction very seriously, where we are in direct contact with NATO troops,” Lukashenka said. “You see how they behave. So we should not relax considering the experience of 1941 when we were pacifying everybody – do not respond to provocations and so on – and then received a deafening blow and almost lost Belarus in two or three months. History has taught us a lot. We want to be prepared in advance… We’re getting ready to defend our land…”.

Lukashenka also spoke about the conditions under which the migration crisis at the border between Belarus and the European Union would be resolved, calling the situation with migrants a problem of the West.

“You want to live safely — come,” Lukashenka said at the drill. “We’ll determine the place, and we’ll meet, we’ll discuss these issues. But until these brainless sanctions and humiliation of our patriotic people are lifted, no one will talk to them, and we will not kneel… If you want help, behave decently.”

The “Zapad 2021” military drill takes place from September 10 to 16 in Belarus and Russia.

On the territory of Belarus involved are 12,800 troops, including about 2,500 Russian and 50 Kazakh troops, up to 350 armored vehicles, including 140 tanks, up to 110 pieces of artillery, more than 30 aircraft and helicopters.