Dobrush: Rapper gets one year in jail. Authorities say he insulted Lukashenka in song

Yauhen Pyatrou in court. Photo: Belsat

Dobrush district court completed considering the case of 22-year-old Yauhen Pyatrou, Homielskaya Viasna reported on September 11.

Judge Svyatlana Lukyanava took heed of public prosecutor Dubautsova’s demand and sentenced the young man to one year of imprisonment in a minimum security penal colony.

The defendant was accused of insulting the president (Article 368 of the Criminal Code) for the creation of a song containing the words ‘You put Syarozha [Tsikhanouski] in jail. Lukashenka, are you a w*nker?’, The trial was held behind closed doors.

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Yauhen Pyatrou pleaded not guilty. According to him, the song he wrote last year during the 2020 election campaign did not contain any insults, because after the insulting word there was a question mark. In the song, there was just a question about the mental abilities of the Belarusian leader, he said. But state experts studied the text and found that it was nothing but insulting Lukashenka.

Yauhen is a Russian citizen; after serving the term, he will be deported from Belarus. It is unknown whether the rapper will appeal against the district court’s decision.

On August 23, Tsentralny district court of Homiel passed a guilty verdict in the case of local resident Syarhei Balakhonau. He was sentenced to one year in a minimum security penal colony for sharing the song ‘Lukashenka, Step Down’ by rapper Nokrolik on Vkontakte social network.

One year in jail for posting song ‘Lukashenka, Step Down’ on social media