Belarusians forced to repent on camera to avoid dismissal

According to a Belsat viewer from Klimavichy, Mahiliou region, employees of state institutions there, who had signed for alternative candidates running for the presidency in Belarus in 2020, were forced to record repentant videos and say that Babaryka was a criminal.

According to the “Belsat” source, it all started after Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, a native of Klimavichy.

On August 4, it emerged that the director of an educational institution was dismissed, although there were no obvious reasons for it. A few days later, it turned out that the same happened in one more educational institution. The workers who had signed for Viktar Babaryka during the election campaign were forced to write a repentance letter and record a video under threat of dismissal, saying “we made a mistake putting our signatures for Babaryka’s nomination as a candidate and did not know that he would turn out to be a criminal, we fully support Lukashenka’s policy.”

A line of people wanting to sign for an alternative presidential candidate at the 2020 elections. Photo: Belsat

According to the source, this approach has been repeated in other state organizations in Klimavichy, while the local TV company “Mir TV” is engaged in recording the process. People are assured that the videos will not be made public.

Belsat journalists have tried to contact “Mir TV” employees for several days in a row, but nobody answered the contact phone numbers of the local TV company.