Payback? Belarus authorities slap ban on importing some Nivea products

Belarus has introduced a temporary ban on importing certain Nivea products. The corresponding resolution was signed by the chief state sanitary doctor Alyaksandr Tarasenka.

According to the press service of the Health Ministry, the country’s sanitary and epidemiological service found ‘a number of violations’ related to some perfume and cosmetics goods belonging to the German personal care brand, which resulted in suspending the import of some Nivea articles.

It is not ruled out that the Belarusian authorities has made a retaliation attempt as the company stated in mid January that it would not sponsor the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship if Minsk turned to be one of its venues.

A few days later, the International Ice Hockey Federation announced its decision to move the high-profile from the Belarusian capital city, stressing that such step was ‘unavoidable’ due ‘to safety and security issues’. The championship was expected to be held in Minsk and Riga which had won the right to co-host the corresponding event in the year of 2021. However, due to the rigged elections and the brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters, a large international movement to strip Belarus of this right gained pace.

A number of other businesses, including the Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda, refused to participate in financing the World Cup if it took place in Belarus. In response, the regime bar the company dealers from selling Škoda Rapid cars in Belarus. Now it seems to be Nivea’s turn.

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