Kuznica border crossing point to stay closed over increased migrant flow risk

Polish border guards do not believe that the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border has stabilized. Every day, migrants continue to try to enter the territory of Poland, although in smaller numbers. Since there is still a risk of increasing migration flows in the spring, Kuznica will remain closed for the time being. Andrzej Jakubaszek, commander of the Podlasie Border Guard Department, said so in an interview with Polskie Radio Bialystok.

According to the Polish border guard, to restore traffic through Kuznica, two conditions must simultaneously be met: a calm situation at this border section and no risk that migrants will storm the border en masse.

“We cannot confidently say that the situation has stabilized. Yes, there are fewer attempts to cross the border illegally. Still, the geography of places where these attempts are made has expanded,” said Andrzej Jakubaszek about the situation at the border.

According to Jakubyszek, the “migrant portrait” has slightly changed. Now they are men, and increasingly not only Syrians and Iraqis – fewer of them – but also Palestinians, Egyptians, and other nationalities, he says.

In addition, Polish border guards have information that there are still many migrants from the East on the territory of Belarus.

“We have information that there are migrants in the logistics center on the Belarusian side, there are migrants in Hrodna, and migrants near the Kuznica border crossing. Also, in our opinion, there have been no significant changes since the Kuznica border crossing was closed,” says Andrzej Jakubaszek.

Polish border guards worry that there is a risk that the section near Kuznica could become one of the traditional routes for illegal migration to the European Union.

Poland stopped traffic through the Kuznica crossing on November 9 when thousands of migrants tried to storm the crossing.