Nestserka: road to success?

Nestserka, the first Belarusian full-length animation film, has been produced for ten years. Its premiere is slated for March 25, 2013. The cartoon animators are sanguine of commercial success.

According to its director Ihar Volchak, they not going to turn the cartoon into the series. But when the first part was made they realized that the story could be continued. It is interesting that Belarusians hardly have any fairy-tales about Nestserka; the character was enriched with folkloristic ideas.

Aiming at expanding the target audience, the authors took the decision to translate the product into Russian and insert English captions. “Nowadays everyone strives for films’ self-repayment,” Ihar Volchak explains. The production of Nestserka was financed from budget funds. The crew expresses hope that TV channels will purchase the animation film.

Perhaps, the festival activity is the only field which the Belarusian animation is blooming in, Mr Volchak said. It is too soon to predict any business success, and the main problem lies in the lack of personnel, not funds. “We were organising an animation course; only two persons were selected from among 800 applicants,” the director stressed. But even the people enrolled are not likely to have any delightful carreer opportunities.


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