Sokrat Janowicz passes away

The Belarusian and Polish writer, leader of the Belarusian party in Poland, died at the age of 76 in his house in Podlasie.

Sokrat Janowicz is the author of dozens of books. His works focus on national problems and the national identity of Belarusians. His debut story was published in 1956 in Białystok “Niva”, a newspaper of Belarusians in Poland. For the Wegierka theatre Janowicz translated some pieces of literature from Belarusian into Polish.

Accused of “Belarusian nationalism”, he was removed fom his position in “Niva” in 1970.

In 2007 Sokrat Janowicz admitted being recruited by the Polish People’s Republic’s secret services in Soviet times.

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