Lukashenka picking up scraps of gossip?

Aliaksandr Lukashenka directed that Belarus’ border control service should combat challenges and threats to border security. At that, he touched on some “lobby opinions” in the State Border Committee.
“The reason for discussing the matter was the anti-Belarusian policy of sanctions conducted by the West, provocations at the border and the exacerbation of problems related to the protection [of border security],” he said at a government conference on border security. Mr. Lukashenka stressed that the matter had been repeatedly discussed before.
The Belarusian leader turns out to be worried about rumours in the border department: “As I was informed, it is whispered that the current head of the border committee has no access to the President. It is nonsense!”
President used the occasion to publicly deny allegations that Aliaksandr Bayechka, head of the State Border Committee, had no possibility to contact him. Lukashenka stressed that Mr Bayechka might contact him all the day round. “He knows that, and I would ask you to tell some of your officers that for me Colonel Bayechka is just as much an officer as all the previous heads of the border control service,” news agency BelaPAN quotes the head of state.
Describing himself as a former border guard, Lukashenka said that he had a special attitude to the border control service. “That’s why all speculation should be stopped and border guards should mind their business – walk the last meter of our land and protect the peace and quiet of the Belarusian people with pride,” he concluded.
Belsat, following BelaPAN
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