Political activist Mikalai Kazlou says he was tortured in jail

After his release from the TDF, UCP leader Mikalai Kazlou told about the unbearable detention conditions there. The politician claims that the responsibility for the torture lies with the jail management, Interior Minister Kubrakou and his entourage, reports the press service of the party on Facebook.

After serving an administrative arrest, UCP leader Mikalai Kazlou was taken from Akrestsin street jail in handcuffs with his head caught between his knees and left outside of town. Mikalai Kazlou says this is not the only torture incident he has gone through over the past 15 days.

“They not only break the law 24/7, but they also do it ostentatiously. It feels like a TDF employee is a profession to humiliate people. You can’t write a complaint, because you simply don’t have paper and a pen. You are refused an appointment with a lawyer. And you are simply terrorized”.

The “shitty” cows on Lukashenka’s farms have more rights than the people in the cells of the TDF. And this is not an exaggeration. People sleep on the floor. There are no mattresses, not even torn sheets or pillows stuffed with absorbent cotton. There are so many people that they breathe recycled air with minimal oxygen.

Mikalai Kazlou, UCP leader. Photo: Belsat

I went through solitary confinement, fasting for five days, a cell with seven homeless people whose favorite hobby is catching and crushing lice. I was handed over the parcel, brought to the jail for me last Thursday, only on the day of my release. That is yesterday. All the behavior of the TDF administration is full of such petty nastiness.

They took a person from his cell, stripped him naked and sent him back to his cell just for asking a question. There was so much chlorine in the punishment cell that people felt sick after a few minutes. I was in such a state for two days that it seemed I was going to spit out my lungs. My eyes hurt, like after welding without a mask. What is this? I want to ask, what kind of Nazism, fascism is Lukashenka going to fight? Fascism is here, it is quite comfortable here in the TDF. And his place is the impunity and permissiveness of law enforcers.

By the way, when the information about the torture with bleach came outside the walls of the TDF, the state TV crew arrived, and the prisoners were induced to say that everything was okay. If you see something like that on the screen, you must know it’s a lie!

But what makes me happy and inspired is the people. The people who were in inhumane conditions remained human. No one whined or regretted what they had done. They are, indeed, citizens with a capital letter.

I am sure that the truth is on our side. And all those responsible for the bullying will suffer the punishment they deserve. Every morning I would start by saying to the guards, “You are breaking the law, and you will have to answer for it!”

And indeed they will. I don’t doubt that for a second,” says Kazlou.