TUT.BY reporter detained while doing her job gets record hefty fine

On Friday, the trial of TUT.by journalist Nadzeya Kalinina was resumed in Leninski district of Minsk.

Nadzeya Kalinina was detained on January 29, when she was trying to get to the meeting of the delegates of the Belarusian People’s Congress in Minsk, TUT.BY reports. The girl was charged under Art. 23.34 (‘participation in an unauthorised mass event’) and Art. 23.4 (‘disobedience to a police officer’) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

Awaiting trial, the reporter had to spend three days in the detention centre. There were 12 persons in the cell designed for five; Nadzeya did not have personals, hygiene products, warm clothes.

On February 1, she appeared before court. The policemen who were witnessed against her claim that the journalist were chanting slogans and standing on the road shortly before the detention. Then the judge adjourned the trial until February, 12.

Today’s hearing lasted for 15 minutes. Notably, the court passed the ruling on the basis of policeman Shymanovichs contradictory testimony which was at odds with the protocol drawn upon Nadzeya Kalinina. Judge Tatsyana Shotsik found the girl guilty and imposed two fines totalling to 2,320 Belarusian rubles (appr. $900) on her.

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