Belarusian KGB head says active phase of protests over but perpetrators still at large

At the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly KGB head Ivan Tsertsel said that the active phase of protests was over. Live broadcast of the event was conducted by TV channel Belarus 1.

“Belarus is one of the few countries that have survived in the most severe scenario,” believes Ivan Tsertsel.

He stressed that the peak of protest activity had already passed, and the country had returned to “normal life”.

But the KGB chairman argues that “the time to relax has not come”. According to him, “fugitives, adventurers, tricksters, and simple traitors are concentrated abroad. The most significant “subversive” centers are allegedly operating in Warsaw and Vilnius. They are even allegedly prepared to take bloody measures, like Mikalai Autukhovich and Ihar Alinevich. Mass casualties of the latter’s activities were avoided only due to “stopping their activity at the initial stage”. However, this is not all, notes Tsertsel.

“We have credible information about the intentions of others to commit acts of terrorism on the territory of our country. In general, I emphasize: they are ready for anything – for any crime, not sparing women or children,” asserts Tsertsel.

The minister assures: his committee is aware of the plans and is working accordingly. Tsertsel also warned these people and their “foreign handlers” that the intelligence services would act “harshly, in accordance with international practice”.

“Let me remind you, our predecessors, our fathers and grandfathers, found traitors, henchmen of the Nazis decades later, wherever they were. And we will never deviate from that line,” Tsertsel promised.