Fresh start to spy case

Andrey Haydukou, a young opposition activist who is accused of treason, was transferred last week from a detention facility in Vitsebsk back to the KGB’s jail in Minsk. Another activist implicated in the case, Ilya Bahdanau, was ordered to present himself at the KGB’s Vitsebsk office on December, 27 for questioning.
According to Yauhen Kanstantsinau, leader of the Union of Young Intellectuals, Haydukou’s relatives got to know about Andrey’s transfer to Minsk only on the evening of December, 26.
“Even his defence lawyer was not informed of the transfer. Only when she tried to arrange a meeting with Haydukou on December 26 she was told that he had been moved to Minsk as far back as December, 22,” Kanstantsinau stated.
Illya Bahdanau was detained together with Haydukou on November, 8 but after a short stay in the KGB predetention centre he was released. As he signed a non-disclosure agreement, he may not go into details. Nevertheless, he mentioned that he was shown the evidence against Haydukou while being questioned.
“It might not be written evidence but the situation is serious,” he said after the talk with chekists.
Andrey Haydukou, Deputy Head of unaccredited Union of Young Intellectuals, was arrested by Belarusian secret services on November 8, 2012. A criminal case under Art.356 (treason against Fatherland) was initiated against him. Haydukou is facing up to 15 years of imprisonment.
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