Nasta Palazhanka and Zmitser Dashkevich get married in jail

The conclusion of marriage provided the political prisoner with a right to be visited: Dashkevich and the girl of his choice had not seen each other for two years. But their long-awaited meeting lasted only ten minutes…
As Nasta took his husband’s name, now she should be called Nasta Dashkevich. According to her, formal obstacles had been put up on the long way to the registration of marriage, but they struggled through. For example, Dashkevich’s passport was not given back to him and he had to file a complaint to the Prosecutor General. In accordance with the official response, they failed to find the document. The response constituted a ground for issuing a new passport to the poltical prisoner.
Nasta recollects that at first the regstration of marriage was set for … December, 19 [the second anniversary of the rigged presidential elections of 2010 and brutal crackdown of the peaceful demonstration – Belsat]. But later it was moved to December, 26. In her opinion, the positive outcome of their fight is a pure and simple Christmas miracle.
After Nasta’s passport was stamped iin a civil registry office, the civil marriage ceremony took place in Hrodna prison, its officers being the best men.
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