Solidarity action in Berlin: send fax to Belarusian embassy!

Yesterday, on the second anniversary of the 2010 presidential elections and crackdown on the peaceful demonstration, the action of solidarity with the Belarusian political prisoners was held in Berlin.
The Office for Anti-propaganda that was founded by artist Maryna Naprushkina in 2007 in Berlin posted portraits of political prisoners and information about them and encourages Belarusian diaspora to draw attention of diplomats and European community to political problems of the Motherland.
The Office recommends several ways of catching their eyes: firstly, the portraits can be attached to branches of low hanging bushes and trunks of trees or stuck to walls or ad boards; you may well decorate the trees before Belarusian embassies. Secondly, the Office advises wearing a T-shirt with a portrait if you are going to participate in an action or picketing. Finally, if anyone cannot go out into public space, they might take a picture of the portraits at home, or with you and a portrait of a prisoner you want to support and send the portraits of political prisoners by fax to Belarusian ministries and embassies.
Download files with all the portraits here.

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