Bronisław and Anna Komorowski send presents to political prisoner’s family

The President of Poland did not mention the addressee’s name being wary of the parcel being miscarried.
“Remembering our being helped during hard times of the martial law [in Poland in 1981-1983], today my wife and I are sending a parcel to a family of the Belarusian political prisoner. We are sending it as the Komorowski family, not as a presidential couple. We are also sending it as a former internee and detainee’s family that received similar help. We would like this to become a custom: we would like those who got assistance in an intense struggle for freedom to remember people who are carrying out the battle now. I hope the parcel finds its addressee; we do not mention any names for obvious reasons. I hope the parcel gives joy,” Bronisław Komorowski said.
In 1920 the current President of Poland joined independent self-governing trade union “Solidarity” that sought for democratic change in the country. Like thousands of Polish oppositionists he was interned at the end of 1981.
According to human rights defenders, 12 political prisoners and wrongfully convicted opposition activists are kept in Belarusian jails.
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