Alkayeu: “Blame lies not only with our authorities”

Aleh Alkayeu, a former head of Minsk predetention centre No 1, continues to carry out his private investigation of the Belarusian politicians’ enforced disappearance. Mr Alkayeu is sure that former Minister of Interior Yury Zakharanka was murdered, and videorecordings of the execution do exist.
“I want to stress that these affairs will not be hushed up because they do not have any limitation period. And responsibility for negligence in investigations of such kind is also unlimited. It is to be recalled that in 1999-2000 Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s political opponents – ex-Minister of Interior Yury Zakharanka, former Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Viktar Hanchar, businessman Anatol Krasouski and journalist Dzmitry Zavadski – disappeared,” Aleh Alkayeu, who received political asylum in Germany, told Deutsche Welle.
“It is commonly believed that the blame lies mainly with the country’s authorities. But the responsibility devolving on the investigators whom case files were handed to should not be forbidden: they brought the issue no further toward resolution. For instance, why did Sviatlana Baykova who was conducting the criminal investigation within the first two years divert it being aware of all the details? She was seeking Zakharanka in Germany where he supposedly sheltered. Belarusian TV even showed a house which the disappeared General allegedly settled in. But the investigator knew perfectly well where they were to look for his body. She is not the only to blame, I am going to unveil other names as well,” he states.
Some weeks ago Mr Alkayeu came to Minsk hoping for discovering additional materials on kidnapped rivals of Lukashenka.
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