Lukashenka goes on to war footing?

“You should work as if it were a war time. I made it clear to you, moreover, I took a great responsibility having signed the corresponding decree which I am roasted for by all, from America to Russia. That is why I am not going to forgive anyone. You should work day and night,” Lukashenka said during his visit to joint-stock company Vitsebskdrev.

The head of state was informed that the deadline of implementing the investment project was not met for construction workers who failed to provide a necessary pace of work. Lukashenka demanded to hit deadlines of woodworking enterprises modernization.

He also directed everybody’s attention to the necessity of the usage of vacant areas for [the development of] wood-working shops manufacturing readily marketable product.

Lukashenka was assured that main works to establish a new production at JSC Vitsebskdrev would finish in the mid of 2012.


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