Lyubou Kavaliova recognised Human Rights Defender of the Year

On the International Human Rights Day the Human Rights Alliance has decided on the best journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders of the departing year.
Uladzislau Kavaliou’s mother was awarded for “her defending the son accused of committing the terrorist attack in Minsk metro and later executed, and for her fighting against death penalty”.
“My son gave his life for it. For all this time people have supported me; but not for this fact I would take everything more heavily. Thanks to this support I am still alive, I am still capable of doing something. Do we have any rights? In my opinion, we were stripped of them long time ago,” she said.
The woman is going to continue working for the abolition of capital punishment in Belarus and rehabilitation of her son.
Alvina Drygo and Alina Shostak who had defended Young front activists in court were called Lawyers of the Year; Andrzej Poczobut was recognised Journalist of the Year.
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