Mikita Likhavid: I would like regime loyalists to watch Belsat TV

The former political prisoner has congratulated the channel on our fifth anniversary.
“I would like more people to know about Belsat TV and watch it. I also hope you would become closer to people who are not aware of your existence. I hope you were watched and I want those who support the regime not to take a different view as something terrible; I would like them to appreciate it and keep developing. To my mind, Belsat TV is a very good instrument in reaching this aim,” Mikita Likhavid said.
Belsat is the only independent and Belarusian-language TV channel in the country. On December 10 we celebrate our fifth anniversary together with you! We have altered beyond recognition for these five years: firstly there were only a few hours of airtime, news casts being recorded. Now our journalists aim at presenting foreign and national latest news in a speedy fashion in Studio Belsat, a three-hour live television broadcast.
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