Exhibition and film marathon in Warsaw

Ewa Kopacz, Speaker of the Polish Parliament, is to open the exhibition devoted to the celebration of the fifth anniversary of our channel in the main hall of the Polish Parliament on December 11.

The exhibition will include special stands and multimedia installations revealing the secrets of Belsat’s work and reflecting daily life of Belarusians.

Exposition “Belsat is five years” aims at showing not only repressions and persecution of independent journalists and Belsat contributors but also the most important information on the channel’s activities, i.e. data on our audience, programs and viewing figures.

On December 10 the marathon of documentaries filmed for Belsat TV is to begin in Warsaw cinema Kino KC. It will be opened by the first showing of Mikolai Wawrzeniuk’s film Elections without Choice, which enters into particulars of the latest parliamentary elections in Belarus, its violations, pressure on democratic activists and journalists. Moreover, the Polish viewer stands the chance of becoming familiar with the documentaries watched by Belsat’s numerous audience:

Paluta Badunova, directed by Valery Mazynski, is a biographic semidocumentary telling the story of Paluta Badunova, a member of the Belarusian Party of Social revolutionaries, a minister of the Council of the Belarusian People’s Republic, a victim of Stalinist purges.

Fear in a Peaceful Land, directed by Katsiaryna Bortnik The film presents the facts previously unknown, independent experts’ evaluations, stories about the Belarusian prosecution system. Its authors study the most controversial moments of the case of the alleged terrorists which were ignored in court.

Archimandrite, directed by Jerzy Kalina. The main character of the film is Father Gabriel, an orthodox priest from Podlasie.

Host, directed by Rymwid Blaszczak, presents the story of craftsman Mikhail Tarasyuk.



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