We are five! We change for you!

On December 10, 2012 we will celebrate our fifth anniversary together with you! We have altered beyond recognition for these five years: firstly there were only a few hours of airtime, news casts being recorded. Now our journalists aim at presenting foreign and national latest news in a speedy fashion in Studio Belsat, a three-hour live television broadcast.

More than 100 documentaries on unexplored facts of history and outstanding people of Belarus have been produced for the last five years. Numerous films were awarded with prestigious prizes in different countries.

Belsat TV has been effectively co-operating with famous and reputable Belarusians, e.g. musician Liavon Volski, Siarhei Filimonau, the author and presenter of cult program “Thick on the Ground”, recognised documentarian Yury Khashchavatsky and many others.

For five years Belsat TV has been calling your attention not only to political affairs: our audience has an opportunity to relax enjoying satirical programs, feature films and popular TV series – always dubbed into Belarusian. No less important is our production for children: our youngest viewers get the chance to watch cartoons and entertainment programs in Belarusian which is not provided by any other TV channel. Moreover, there are some shows that teach children English through play.

Belsat TV is watched Belarus-wide. Year by year a number of our viewers is running high. Although they differ in their age, income and political views but everyone is sure to find something interesting for themselves. Over half (53 %) of satellite TV viewers in Belarus state that they watch Belsat TV programs. A number of viewers possessing a satellite dish equals to appr. 1.760.000 and accounts for 22 % of adult television audience in Belarus.

Now one can watch three-hour broadcast on our web site, all our programs and films being also available online.

We bourgeon. Despite tough conditions and pressure on the side of the authorities we have gone far. And we will be thriving so you, our audience, can obtain unbiased information, fully realise what is going on in our country and in the world, and have fun watching films in your native language.

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