Russian journalists caught near Belarusian embassy in Moscow

Moscow police have detained four participants of an unsanctioned picketing.

Russian photojournalists were holding a picketing in support of their Belarusian counterparts after Ashmiany customs office had burnt 41 catalogues of Belarus Press Photo exposition.

Although the organisers applied for permission Moscow city authorities found that the action would violate … the Charter of the United Nations Organization

Indeed, according to UN Charter, no state has the right to intervene matters which are essentially under domestic juristiction of any other state. The journalists attempted to convey a message that they do not represent any country acting only in solidarity but in vain.

According to Novaya Gazeta, four journalists were arrested: Victoria Ivleva, Kseniya Zhikhareva, Maria Ionova-Gribina and Artyom Chernov, editor of magazine “Russian reporter”.


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