Missing oppositionists: private investigation going on

Nash-dom.info has released a video displaying a male who is a good likeness of Aleh Alkayeu, a former head of Minsk pre-trial detention center. The man was being driven along the city avenue.

In 2001 after diclosing the information about kidnapped opponents of president Lukashenka Alkayeu left Belarus and received political asylum in Germany.

When reached by phone, Mr Alkayeu said he had not known that the video would be posted on the Internet. “My trip lasted from 11 to 13 November. Two days. I arrived at night and departed at night. Naturally, I came to Belarus through Russia,” he said.

His aim was gathering additional materials on kidnapped rivals of Lukashenka. According to Aleh Alkayeu, his investigation has not finished: at the moment he is cooperating with witnesses.

“There will be no sensations; they are not needed because the other side [authorities] can take every conceivable precaution. My data will be more accurate. Soon you will be on to everything. Probably I will have managed to publish it before the New Year,” he said.



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