11-year-old girl gets sick at resort, dies in hospital several days later

Насця Гаўрыленка

The incident occurred on May 2 in the “Ptsich” spa. Nastsia’s Haurylenka’s school in Brahin had remodelling work conducted, and the director offered parents to take the children to health spas. The girl was to stay at the sanatorium until May 14.

On April 26 she called her mother and said she had a fever of 39 C, cough and chest pain. According to the parents, during that time, none of the “Ptich” staff contacted them to notify of Nastsia’s illness.

On the morning of May 2, Nastsia spoke to her mother for the last time.

“She said:” Mom, I feel bad, take me home! “. I was already leaving for the resort. I raised alarm on the eve of this conversation, told the school that I was taking the child home. On May 1, from 10 to 12 pm, we spoke with Nastsia on the phone — it seemed that during those two hours of conversation, no one came to her room,” the girl’s mother said

Nastsia was taken to Petrykau, she was in intensive care. Physicians from
Homiel were to visit her. She was to remain put due to her bad state.

Late in the evening on May 2, parents received a call from the Petrykau hospital saying their daughter was dead.

According to preliminary information, the cause of death could have been an infection, it is not yet clear which one. At present, the examination is being carried out, a forensic medical examination has been scheduled.

Nastsia was buried on May 5. The case is on the personal control of the Belarusian Minister of Health.


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