Belorusneft cancels supplies to Germany over sanctions

Belorusneft has canceled its plans to export to Germany in 2022 through the pipeline “Druzhba” after the new EU sanctions were introduced, Reuters reports referring to three traders.

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Belorusneft regularly exports the biggest part of its oil products to Germany via Russia’s “Druzhba” pipeline. In October and December, Belarus was supposed to supply about 450 thousand tons of oil to the German refinery “PCK Schewdt.”

In November, Belorusneft announced a tender for supplies to Germany in 2022. But it sold only part of the planned export volume to Shell, which is about 40,000 tons per month. After the sanctions were introduced, the company canceled its supply plans for 2022, several traders said.

No more deliveries?

Meanwhile, Interfax reported on December 8 that oil exports from Belarus to Germany had been stopped in early December.

According to statistics, the export schedule of oil deliveries to non-CIS countries via “Druzhba” provided for the delivery of 151.6 thousand tons of Belarusian oil to Germany in December. But as of December 7, there were none.

In early December, the EU ambassadors approved the fifth package of sanctions against the Belarusian authorities. Belorusneft was also included in the list.