Reputed Belarusian freestyler detained and fined. She condemned police abuse in 2020

On November 10, Belarusian athlete Alyaksandra Ramanouskaya was detained after a training at about 4.30 pm in Minsk.

Аlyaksandra Ramanouskaya.

The security officers stopped the girl’s car and took her to Partyzanski district police department; then she was placed in the detention centre.

There a protocol was drawn upon Alyaksandra for ‘disobedience to a lawful order’ (Article 24.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences). On Thursday, the 25-year-old Minsker stood trial. Alyaksandra was accused of ‘violating the rules of holding mass events under Art. 24.23. The judge has imposed a fine of 2,610 Belarusian rubles (around $1,050) on her.

According to Ramanovskaya’s mother, a car sticker depicting Belarusians’ historical emblem Pahonya (Pursuit) might have been the reason for Alyaksandra’s being detained. Today has reported the court’s sentencing Minsk resident Aksana Zybina to 10 days in jail for having a similar sticker on the car. The Belarusian authorities consider the white-red-white flag and Pahonya as symbols of the 2020 post-election protests.

Alyaksandra Ramanouskaya is the world champion in ski acrobatics and the athlete of 2019 in Belarus. In October 2020, she was fired from the national team. Previously, Alyaksandra had repeatedly criticized police violence against peaceful protesters. A year ago, she sold her gold medal at auction for $15,000 and donated the money to the Sports Solidarity Foundation.

Freestyle skier Alyaksandra Ramanouskaya fired from national team