Political prisoners jailed nine times for private messages finally released

The political prisoners Anastasiya Krupenich-Kandratsyeva and Syarhei Krupenich have been released, reports the human rights center “Viasna.” They urgently left Belarus and are now safe.

On Friday, November 5, the spouses were sentenced for the ninth time to 15 days in jail, each under Article 19.11 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Belarus for sending each other private messages with news from the “extremist” telegram channels. The sentence was passed by Leninski District Judge Anastasiya Achalava. In total, the spouses had 126 and 127 days of arrest under nine court orders.

Despite the rulings of arrest, on November 5, after the trial, Syarhei and Anastasiya were released from jail without any explanation. They soon left Belarus.