Iraqi embassy in Moscow intends to organise flights for their citizens stuck in Belarus

It is not ruled out that special flights will be arranged to take back Iraqi citizens who are currently stuck in Belarus.

On Thursday, the corresponding information appeared on the official website of the Iraqi Embassy to the Russian Federation. According to them, if a national needs help, they should contact the embassy by phone or e-mail.

However, it is not quite clear what way such measures will be taken; the Belarusian security forces are repeatedly reported to be preventing migrants who are now in the border areas from returning to Minsk.

Meanwhile, European Union ambassadors discussed sanctioning Minsk Airport and its ground operations as a way to prevent international airlines carrying migrants from landing easily, Reuters reports with reference to two diplomats on the back of a closed-door meeting on Wednesday.

“EU envoys are considering talks with the United Nations and Belarus to repatriate of migrants massed at the border of Belarus and Poland via the Belarusian airport of Hrodna, potentially with some EU funding help,” Reuters’ author Robin Emmott says in today’s news piece.

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