Minsk police detain young man who laid flowers in memory of murdered protester

23-year-old Kastus Tsaulouski was detained on Tuesday evening at Pushkinskaya metro station in Minsk.

Detaining Kastus Tsalouski. Minsk, 10 August 2021. Photo: nashaniva / Telegram

A year ago, Alyaksandr Taraykouski, a 34-year-old resident of Minsk, died during the crackdown on protesters at Pushkinskaya metro station on August, 10. The man, who was approaching a group of soldiers with his hands up, was shot down.

According to eyewitnesses, Tsalouski left flowers and started went down the stairs, when plainclothes policemen ran up to him and detained him.

“He fixed the flowers to the pole. Two persons showed up at the scene, took off the flowers and gave them back to him, then one more [officer] came and they took the man away,” a witness said.

First victim: Year passes since killing of Minsker Alyaksandr Taraykouski amid protests

A bit later, the name of Kastus Tsaulouski appeared on the list which is constantly being updated by volunteers; there is every likelihood that he has been placed in a detention centre.

In September 2020, several Minskers made the inscription “We will not forget!” on the paving flagstones not far from Taraykouski’s death site. The absurdity of the situation might be obvious, but criminal case was opened against them. The five persons were charged with ‘gang hooliganism’ and ‘intentional damaging property’. As a result, Dzyanis Hrakhanau and Ihar Samusenka were sentenced to 1.5 years of restriction of liberty in an open-type correctional facility, Maryia Babovich – to 1.5 years of restriction of liberty without having to stay in such institution; Maksim Pavlyushchyk – to two years of imprisonment in a minimum security penal colony, and Uladislau Hulis – to two years in a maximum security penal colony.

‘We won’t forget!’: Jail terms over pavement inscription in memory of Alyaksandr Taraykouski