Three years in jail for ‘incitement of enmity’

Brest regional court has found a resident of Baranavichy Uladzislau Buryn guilty under part 1 of article 130 of the Criminal Code (“incitement of enmity”). Judge Mikalai Senko sentenced Uladislau to 3 years of jail. Given the punishment under another sentence (he was previously convicted of fraud), the total sentence will be four years in a reinforced regime colony, reports “Viasna Brest.”

Uladzislau Buryn. Photo: a screenshot of a video of the Interior Ministry

Uladzislau Burin, a resident of Baranavichy, was accused of posting 13 messages in a telegram chat group “Karateli” (punishers -ed.) in which he “negatively assessed” and “encouraged illegal criminal actions” against police officers, military personnel, civil servants, and their families.

The defendant pleaded guilty in full. However, he noted that he had deleted his messages from chats two weeks later – “realized that he had written wrong things” and reset the phone to its factory settings.

Nevertheless, Judge Mikalai Senko found him guilty under part 1 of Article 130 of the Criminal Code (“inciting hatred”) and sentenced him to three years in jail. Earlier, Uladzislau Burin was convicted of fraud, so the total penalty for him will be four years in a reinforced regime penal colony.