Three Belarusian-speaking professors forced to quit jobs at Mahiliou university

Маhiliou State University named after Arkadz Kulyashou. Photo:

A political purge is underway at Mahiliou State University: Belarusian-speaking teachers are being fired from the university named after the People’s Poet of the BSSR, the newspaper Nasha Niva reports.

Three Belarusian-speaking teachers, photos of whom were on the university’s board of honour a year ago, have been forced to leave the higher educational institution.

Among them is Alyaksandr Aheyeu, a professor at the Department of Archeology and History of Belarus, who has worked at the university since 1991. He was a member of the toponymic commission at the city executive committee, published the almanac Mahiliou’s Old Times and co-authored the book Mahiliou City Hall. Aheyeu, a former activist of the Belarusian People’s Front and the Belarusian Language Society, who was twice elected a deputy of Mahilou City Council, stated that he was compelled to ‘voluntarily resign’ because he was threatened to be fired with cause.

Ihar Sharukha, a professor at the Department of Natural Sciences, has also been removed from the office. The man, who has lectured at the university since 1993, heads the regional branch of the Belarusian Geographical Society; he has repeatedly received diplomas from the Ministry of Education. In addition, Vital Yaumenkou, an associate professor of the Department of Literature and Intercultural Communications, who has worked at the university for 21 years, has been forced to quite his job. All of them are Belarusian-speaking educators.

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