Ex-prosecutor’s apartment vandalized, as he is taken away by masked man

Yauhen Babak. Photo: Nasha Niva

Unknown masked men have trashed the apartment of former prosecutor Yauhen Babak, Nasha Niva reports.

According to Yauhen Babak’s relatives, a few days ago, he became unavailable, although he was at home sick with coronavirus. When his brother came to his place, he found the door smashed to pieces and the apartment thrashed; even the baseboards had been torn open.

Neighbors say that unidentified men in bulletproof vests had come to Babak’s house in the morning, and there were two distinctive buses in the yard. Later, they took Yauhen away. Where he is now and who conducted the detention is unknown.

“The citizen did not disappear, he was detained by police officers as part of an administrative process. It is known that the detainee, among other things, was actively distributing information from extremist Telegram channels. Other details of Babak’s illegal activities are being established,” the Interior Ministry said.

Apartment of Yauhen Babak. Photo: nn.by

Yauhen Babak used to work as an assistant prosecutor of the Pershamaiski district of Minsk. He ordered an inspection into the brutal beating of bikers by people in traffic police uniforms in August 2020. But the document was ignored by the prosecutor’s office.

Then Babak resigned, as he could not work in conditions of justice bodies’ inaction and silence of all responsible persons to lawlessness on the streets.