‘Propaganda of Nazism’: Babruysk journo fined over sharing video on web

Photo: Uladzimir Repik / vk.com

On Monday, Babruysk-based journalist Uladzimir Repik was tried in a local court. Now the journalist is free.

Uladzimir Repik was detained on May 9, tut.by reports. A case was initiated against him; the man was charged with ‘propaganda or public display of Nazi symbols or emblems‘ (Article 19.10 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). On May 10, the court found the defendant guilty and imposed a fine of 290 rubles (appr. $115) on him.

According to Uladzimir Repik, the reason for the detention was a video posted on one of his social media profiles.

“It is a very short video which shows several guys beating up a Nazi who was wearing a T-shirt with a swastika. I liked the video and put a like under it. Notably, it happened in the year of 2019. But lately, our security officers have suddenly found it interesting,” Repik told Belsat.

Uladzimir Repik is known for his previously taking part in the Golden Hit and Slavonic Bazaar festivals, he writes articles about show business, the author of dozens of interviews with pop stars.

The journalist puts down the police’s closer attention to his recording several video appeals to Alyaksandr Lukashenka amid post-election protests.

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