Opposition politician Pavel Latushka: ‘We are actually having fascist regime in Belarus’

In an interview with Belsat, Pavel Latushka, Head of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration (PACA) and former Belarusian minister, commented on the might-have-been rally on Victory Day and the widely reported decree on power transfer in case of Lukashenka’s death.

A few days ago, Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed the decree ‘On the protection of the sovereignty and constitutional order’. According to his press service, the decree stipulates that in case of President’s death after an assassination attempt, an act of terrorism, external aggression, or other violent acts, all state authorities and their officials act following the decisions of the Security Council, whose meetings are chaired by the Prime Minister.

Lukashenka to sign decree on transition of presidential powers

– People have started to call it ‘a decree on surrender’. Notably, he signed on May 9 [Victory Day]. In light of this, the question arises – what for do we need the Constitution? All the laws in Belarus are made for this person [Lukashenka]. In a normal country, there is no link to a specific person. In this case, he is actually creating a new normative act which is completely unconstitutional. What for? He wants to secure a certain scenario after his death, for his adherers. He would like to control what will be happening in Belarus even from the other world. But the country is not his property. Everything proves the fact of Lukashenka’ desperately holding on to power. Although his fingers have already become blue, but they are not able to hold Belarus tightl anymore. We are actually having a fascist regime in Belarus, the politician believes.

You urged people to take part in a rally in Belarus on May 9. But there has not been any mass protest event staged. Have protest rallies failed?

– No, I do not think so. Belarusians did show their activity, we saw how many [protest] symbols were hanged in various cities, we saw fireworks in the evening of May 8 and May 9. Yes, people might have not gathered for a march, but we realise that people were demotivated by the grave threats which the participation in the march could lead to. On the other hand, I would like to appeal to all political forces, to Telegram channels and ask them to support such events. After all, when we talk about instruments of pressure on the government, one of the main ones is our domestic protest. Without taking to the streets, systemic pressure will not work.

Pavel Latushka: Opposition to raise question of recognising Lukashenka regime as terrorism