Schoolgirl writes innocent word, gets arrested by police for alleged misconduct

Yauheniya was detained for writing this. Photo: TUT.BY

When 13-year-old Yauheniya did not return home from a walk at 9 p.m. on March 29, her mother Iryna Varachkova became worried. At the girl’s number an investigator informed Iryna that Yauheniya was in police custody, reports TUT.BY.

Iryna went to the police where she was told that her daughter had written the word “ZHYVE” (Live in Belarusian) on the pavement. This way she ‘held a picket’ which was not authorized by the Minsk city executive committee.

Iryna was not surprised that her daughter had a can of paint because she is a creative person: “When they were walking along Pulikhava Street, my daughter took out a can, drew hearts on the grass and wrote “ZHYVE” on the sidewalk. It turned out there was a police bus parked nearby”.

Yauhenia and her friends were brought to the Partyzanski Police Station of Minsk, but no one informed her mother about the arrest. When at the police station Iryna asked the officer on duty for the details of the officer who had detained her daughter and the person who was in contact with her child, she received no answer and left a complaint.

When the police talked to the schoolgirl, the mother was not allowed in and was not allowed to see the report. She later left another complaint about it. Then it was explained to her that the offense was a written word: “She committed the offense and her friends are witnesses. I asked her if it had long been considered a crime for children to draw on the pavement. To which I was told that she had written the word “ZHYVE”.

I laughed, hugged my daughter and said: “You did well, I’m proud of you.”

Previously, I told my daughter that if she happened to be suddenly detained, she should immediately say “I’m 13 years old” and ask to call her parents. Zhenya says she was not allowed to call me,” stressed Iryna Varachkova.

The police told Iryna that young people do not really speak Belarusian that much. Besides, they said, you understand that the word “ZHYVE” in combination with another word means something.

Iryna said she didn’t understand that.

According to the report, Iryna Varachkova failed to fulfill her duties to educate her minor daughter, who on March 29th about 20.30 near house number 51 on Pulikhava Street sprayed on the asphalt the word “ZHYVE” with a spray-paint of purple color, thus violating the order of the mass events and took an active part in a picket “for the purpose of public protest against the fact of fair elections”. By her actions, Yauhenia violated part 1 of article 24.23 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events). Because she is a minor they drew up a report on her mother – part 1 of article 10.3 of the Code of Administrative Infringements. Part 1 of Article 10.3 of the Administrative Code (Failure to fulfill child-rearing duties) with a possible penalty of up to ten basic (290 rubles).

Her complaints about unlawful treatments of her daughter came back unsatisfied.

In the next two weeks, she and Zhenya will have to come to the meeting of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs. Her mother said Yauheniya was feeling well, she had dyed her hair red, and the family was not afraid of being registered with the police juvenile service.