Belarusian judge receives letter from Bundestag MP asking for justice, forwards it to police

Judge Maksim Trusevich and deputy Tabea Rosner. Photo: tg-channel HRC Viasna

German Bundestag deputy Tabea Rosner has appealed to judge Maksim Trusevich, who presides over the trial of political prisoner Alyaksei Karatkou, to hold a “fair trial with respect for the law.”

“Dear Maksim Leonidovich Trusevich, Dear Court! I would like to appeal to you to hold a fair trial with respect for the rule of law. The pursuit of democracy should in no way be punished,” Rosner stated.

It was later reported that Maksim Trusivich forwarded her letter to the Belarusian police, as it allegedly has signs of interference in the court activities, reports HRC Vyasna.

Maksim Trusevich is a “record-breaker” when it comes to sentences handed down against administrative detainees for political reasons. As of December 2020, he has convicted more than 100 people. They have served a total of more than 1,570 days of arrest.