Belarusian authorities to allow parties for permanent residents only

The head of the Ministry of Justice, Aleh Slizheuski. Photo: Wikipedia

A new draft law is being prepared in Belarus, the head of the Justice Ministry Aleh Slizheuski said after a meeting with Lukashenka on political parties, reports ONT.

“The draft law stipulates that only citizens of Belarus, permanently residing in Belarus, may become founders of a political party. Perhaps the same rule will apply not only to their founders but also to the members of the party,” said the official.

According to him, he considers such an approach universal. He also believes that a political party that influences the formation of the authorities inside the country cannot be financed from abroad or influenced from abroad in any other way.

The authorities are also discussing grounds for excluding a party from the political process. This may be based on the non-participation of a political party in the nomination of a candidate for the House of Representatives for two consecutive election campaigns. This would lead to the elimination of the party.

The new law intends to force parties to report to their members on expenditures and determine the frequency of internal party elections.

At a meeting on April 9, Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that there should be no artificially created pro-governmental parties in the country. Everything should follow the evolutionary path, as the Belarusian society “has no experience of multiparty existence”.