Belarusian band N.R.M presents song for Eurovision-2013

Kuźniczka, a popular song of Polish hillfolk, was performed by the band five years ago. Nevertheless, N.R.M. is expected to present it at the casting session organised by the National State TV and Radio Company.
According to N.R.M. frontman Pit Paulau, there is a reasonable chance of “Slavonic lobby’s support” in the Eurovision song contest. As for the song’s origin, the musician did touch the delicate nature of the matter stating that the song turns out to be from their latest album.
Performed by N.R.M Kuźniczka appeared in film “We are free people” (“My wolni ludzie”) which depicts the story of the band’s trip to Beskidy (Poland) where hillfolk’s musical traditions are still alive. As the plot unwinds the Belarusian musicians and Polish folk band Torka are getting ready for a joint performance and N.R.M. rock songs are accompanied by hillfolk’s traditional instruments: fiddle, alpine horns, etc. The movie was done by Polish directors Piotr Stec Tomasz Morciniec in 2008.
According to the rules of the Eurovision song contest, a song performed before previous September may be submitted to it.
N.R.M. (Niezaležnaja Respublika Mroja) is a rock band from Minsk, Belarus, founded in 1994. They perform in the Belarusian language, and are a rallying point for political opposition to the Belarusian government, despite a performance ban used during 2006-2009 against them.
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