Criminal responsibility for doping drug: legislative changes possible

Aiming at tougher sentencing for taking and distributing dope he Belarusian National Anti Dope Agency (NADA) has drafted amendments to the Criminal and the Administrative Codes.
The draft amendments have already been filed to the National Centre for Legal Research, Aliaksandr Vankhadla, Head of the NADA, told news agency Interfax. They carry criminal responsibility for distributing, keeping and trafficking of dopes; drawing of minors into dope taking; administrative responsibility for coaches in case their sportsmen do drugs.
On October 26, 2012 Aliaksandr Lukashenka insisted on the importance of criminalization of taking dope in sports at the Olympic meeting of the National Olympic Committee. “As for dope, we should explore the question the way this was done by Chinese, Europeans and Americans. We should make it a criminal offence to take dope,” he said.
There has recently been a juicy scandal in Belarus: Aliaksandr Yafimau, the coach of Olympic champion Nadzeya Astapchuk, was charged with adding methonolone to his mentee’s coffee banking on the dope’s elimination before their arrival in London. As a result she was stripped of the gold medal that she had won in the women’s shot put at the London Olympics because she failed a doping test.
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