Legendary magazine Arche at stake

“Everything is going under the worst scenario,” said the former editor in chief of Arche, an independent Belarusian magazine.

“I do not rule out that criminal cases might be initiated against me as an editor in chief for some business moments. […] We’ll continue working unless they put us in jail,” Valer Bulhakau told Belsat TV in Hot Commentary.

According to his words, Arche’s case has not ended with fine and the latest presentation’s dispersal. Bulhakau is far from conviction that the magazine will come out further. Andrey Dynko, Arche’s founder, might well have replaced Bulhakau with Ales Pashkevich on this position, it is unlikely to bring about any positive change.

“The replacement coincided with the magazine’s bank account arrest by the Department of Financial Investigations,” Valer Bulhakau stressed. Due to that fact now it is impossible to send issues to subscribers and pay for printing. According to DFI, the editorial staff failed to file a number of necessary documents what caused the arrest.

It is to be recalled that the Hrodna economic court fined him Blr500,000 for alleged illegal business practices after policemen and tax inspectors crashed into the presentation of new historical literature in Hrodna.



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