Belarusian MFA calls EU countries to negotiating table

Democratic traditions should be set up in Belarus, Andrey Savinykh, Press Secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognised at a briefing on October 18, 2012.
In his opinion, the question at issue is different approaches: “We clearly understand that we need time and united public environment based on confidence and the harmonization of major social groups’ interests. This is the way, the process took place in Western countries. Unfortunately, Western political circles reject the graduality of this process. They demand to implement these standards instantly, but they ignore economic and social shocks and disproportions that will inevitably arise in case this process is artificially pushed on.”
Human rights topic is used by the West to bring pressure on our country in favour of their political and economic interests, Savinykh concluded.
The Swedish plane festered in minds
The Press Secretary stressed other “irritants” exit as well. According to him, our relations with Sweden and partly European Union have become harder to a certain extend after the Swedish aircraft intentionally violated air space of our country. We sent proper requests on rendering legal assistance to the Swedish authorities but did not receive the answers, he complained.
“The situation looks strange. The representatives of the EU make judgments on actions of foreign governments very quickly if they think that they do not conform to their principles. The situation with the Swedish plane is obvious – a crime is committed. But there is no answer. Western Governments keep silence. It looks like Western countries encourage their citizens to commit crimes on the territory of other countries under cover of politically correct slogans,” Andrey Savinykh said.
Negotiations are needed
“So, both sides have a number of claims. But it is not the main issue. What is valid that it is possible to solve them only by means of negotiations and constructive interaction,” the MFA representative resumed.
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