Lukashenka: We can’t get through without Russia

“In this turbulent and competitive world Belarus and Russia can not do without each other,” Aliaksandr Lukashenka said opening the press conference for Russian regional media representatives.
“We protect the European Union at our own cost”
According the Belarusian leader, Belarus inhibited mass illegal migration to the EU’s countries. ”Like fools, we seized all going from Afghanistan via Russia – explosives, radioactive substances, dope. We are filtering everything off here! Why should we do that? It is not the Belarus where they go to. They go to the European Union via Russia. They push us around and we protect them at our own expense. I say: Pay and we will keep protection. No money – no opportunities,” he explained.
After the statement above, Lukashenka contradicted himself saying that a lot of illegal migrants have crossed the border recently. “Now I am reported that in Lithuania and Poland there are concentration camps (!) that are full with Caucasians, Afghans and Chechens,” the president stressed.
“I am no match for Stalin and Lenin”
“I can not match Vladimir Ilyich [Lenin] or Iosif Vissarionovich [Stalin]. I am wet behind the ears being compared to them,” Aliaksandr Lukashenka told journalists.
“My estimation of the Lenin-Stalin period slightly differs from the one prevailing in Russian society now but at least I believe we should not treat them like that. They are former leaders of ours. Lenin founded the state, Stalin strengthened it. What estimation will be given to us after another half the century passes?” Lukashenka said.
About the Union State
Belarus will continue the course towards further integration with Russia within the framework of the Union State. “Over the past decade, we have witnessed many, I would even say, momentous events in the life of our nations. Our countries have passed a difficult way over this relatively short period of time. There was everything from sharp disputes, even conflicts between Russia and Belarus to sisterly support in very difficult moments of history,” said the head of state.
Another delegation of Russian journalists has arrived in Belarus within a press tour. About 90 representatives of 80 Russian media are participating in it. Such press tours are generally organised by the Committee of the Union State of Belarus and Russian and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation and funded through the Union State’s budget. It is the tenth time that Russian reporters have come to our country.
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