Belarusian chupakabra: new leads arising

A strange creature is terrorizing Starobin, an urban-type community in Salihorsk region, dozens of chickens, turkeys and rabbits having fallen victims to the mysterious beast, named chupakabra. Even some pigs and dogs were hurt. The monster is allegedly able to break fences and gnaw metal nets through.

A vampire cangaroo…?

The six-thousand community has been suffering from the chupakabra since December, 2011. But it was only the last week when local people contacted journalists: they must have given law enforcement authorities up.

The monster is said to move by bounds, gnaw or break fences and suck domestic animals and poultry’s blood.

After the animals being attacked people also are afraid to leave their houses, a Starobin resident said.

“I was told it jumps from one roof to another. Being something between a cangaroo and a dog, it touches half a metre, has a hairy head and two canine teeth. The radio reported it to be a lynx, but I hardly believe it. This creature is sure to be no lynx, ferret or marten. Frankly speaking, it is dreadful to go to the yard,” the young man confessed.

The locals are trying to take protecting homes and households into their own hands organising night watching and making traps.

…or rapacious beaver?

The journalists did manage to find a man who saw the chupakabra in his own eyes. “This happened in the winter, after the New Year. I was driving to work and suddenly some humpback animal ran across the road. Having a long thail it resembled beaver. As soon as the car came near it escaped,” Piotr Adamovich said.

Viktar Shamatulski was less lucky: his twenty chickens were killed by the unknown monster. He gestured at his fence: “Look, here two piles were ripped out. Most chickens were choked off, one having its guts eaten out,” Shamatulski said.

Catch me if you can

After the information on the Starobin enigma got leaked to the press, police had to take the matter in hand. Straydogs are suspected of barnyard fowl’s slaughtering, Vital Sirotka, Deputy Head of Salihorsk Directorate of Interior, told state-owned news agency BelTA. According to him, a local resident saw a dog running out of the household prot where later killed chickens were found.

But even law enforcement officers admit that the version above provides no explanation to the fact that the victims’ blood were sucked out, carcasses remaining untapped…


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